[PlanetCCRMA] mysterious errors from ams "Could not find LADSPA plugin gverb from library gverb 1216"

Michael Tiemann tiemann@redhat.com
Fri Jun 30 04:24:03 2006

I was playing around with ams on a long flight recently (no internet
connection) and when I tried to load some of the presets I got error
messages about plugins not being found.  Surprised, I did some googling
and found this email message from 2004:

  >>On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, Mark Wilson wrote:
  >>When I try to load some of the demo or instrument patches, I get errors
  >>saying "Could not find LADSPA plugins "Saw-VCO" from library
  >>"vco_sawpulse" or "Could not find LADSPA plugin "G2reverb" from library
  >>"g2reverb."  I am running version 1.7.7 which came with the Agnula DeMuDi
  >>1.2.0 BETA distro.  When the pathces show up in the window, there are no
  >>"cables" connecting anything. 
  >>But when I load some patches, I see reverb modules, or at least I"m fairly
  >>sure I"ve seen them.
  >>What am I doing wrong, if anything?
  WWM> Not you, but the Agnula-Guys... Obviously they do not take much care that
  WWM> AlsaModular works properly on their distro. And apparently they don"t
  WWM> package the marvelous LADSPA plugins by Fons Adriaensen that are required
  WWM> for AlsaModular. Fernando cares much more about these, but there are only
  WWM> pa ckages for Fedora available:
  WWM> http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/software/
  WWM> What you can do is compile the plugins yourself:
  WWM> http://users.skynet.be/solaris/linuxaudio/
  WWM> and let the Agnula-guys know that they miss something.
  WWM> Oops, just checked the AlsaModular-Version that Agnula packages: It"s
  WWM> centuries old !!! Better update to 1.8.7. BTW Fernando has already
  WWM> packaged this version for Fedora ;-)
  WWM> Greetings,
  WWM>             Matthias

Of note: specific kudos to Fernando for /not/ having these problems.
Also of note, I'm running the latest packages from PlanetCCRMA on FC5.
Any thoughts on why I'm seeing these problems that are supposedly fixed?
And finally--though the instrument appears to throw an error (and not
connect up any cables specified in the ams file), there's a text message
in my terminal window saying that gverb 1216 /was/ found and loaded.
Can anybody running FC5
load /usr/share/ams/instruments/example_presets.ams without seeing an