[PlanetCCRMA] FC5 app problems

BJaY BJaY@safe-mail.net
Fri Jun 23 12:01:28 2006

/On Thu, 2006-06-22 at 23:11 -0700, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
/> On Fri, 2006-06-23 at 03:02 +0100, BJaY wrote:
/> > Now I'm thoroughly confused. The jack rack site has the current stable
/> > version1.4.4.
/> Correct.
/> > Before you released the rc version, I installed 1.4.4-2 from
/> > the fc5 ccrma yum repo which was clearly an early version with no save
/> > load rack functionality though it proclaimed version 1.4.4 on the
/> > line (jack-rack -h).
/> Well, that is being printed by jack-rack itself, now I'm confused.
/> > This is the version in the fc4 repository which I had
/> > used on fc4 and had this functionality.
/> I'll check this tomorrow, I don't have fc4 here right now.

/I downgraded jack-rack in my machine to 1.4.4 and it is 1.4.4, shows the
/save/load menus and has an "about" menu that says indeed it is 1.4.4.

/I don't know why you are getting a jack-rack that is older than that.
/The only explanation would be if you installed jack-rack manually at
/some point and this older version is ahead of the Planet CCRMA one in
/the path, then you could have a newer jack-rack installed and still get
/the old one when you execute jack-rack.

It's a fresh install. I installed the ccrma packages with yum.

/Try this:
/first verify that the Planet CCRMA jack-rack is fine (ie: nothing has
/been installed on top of it):
/  rpm -V jack-rack

No errors (This is after I removed rc1 and installed 1.4.4 with rpm -Uvh).

/If there are no errors then try executing jack-rack from the command
/line with its full path:
/  > /usr/bin/jack-rack

I get the same thing, jack-rack -h says 1.4.4, but when it runs, it has no

/or you could see if there is more than one:
/  > whereis jack-rack

jack-rack: /usr/bin/jack-rack /usr/share/jack-rack (is a folder)

/or determine where the jack rack you execute is coming from (if it is
/not the one you were expecting):
/  > which jack-rack


when I yum-remove jack-rack and then try and run it I get No such file or

Just to verify the URL for the rpm of the 1.4.4-2 version :

sha1sum jack-rack-1.4.4-2.rhfc5.ccrma.i386.rpm

Sorry to be such a pain but I really need to understand this.