[PlanetCCRMA] Nvidia driver and FC5 smp

Hector Centeno-Garcia h.centeno@sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 19 22:05:02 2006


I'm trying to install the latest nvidia driver using FC5 and CCRMA edge 
smp-kernel. I installed the kernel-devel package and set the kernel 
source for the nvidia installer and after compiling it complains that 
the nvidia module is not in the right format (as if the kernel headers 
were not the right version, and they seem to be!). I tried with the 
CCRMA edge single processor kernel and the nvidia module compiled and 
installed without problems but at reboot X couldn't find the module.

Question for Matt Barber: how did you rebuild the livna package? would 
you mind posting a how-to? I used to do it in the Debian world but I 
still find RPMs and Fedora a little bit confusing.



Matt Barber wrote:
> Hello,
> I haven't done it on FC4, but on FC5, the only way (and probably the 
> best way) I could get it to work was to rebuild the livna SRPM.  I 
> don't see why you couldn't do this in FC4 (unless there's a big 
> problem somewhere), and then at least you'd have an RPM.  I'm not 
> sure, but I think this might allow you to have nvidia drivers 
> installed for multiple kernels (which was tough with the nvidia 
> installation app).