[PlanetCCRMA] Nvidia driver and FC5 smp

Hector Centeno-Garcia h.centeno@sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 19 22:26:01 2006

aaah! made it work! It was a combination of not having the right kernel 
headers (forgot to include the smp between kernel-devel) and setting 
selinux=0 in grub's kernel options.



Hector Centeno-Garcia wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to install the latest nvidia driver using FC5 and CCRMA 
> edge smp-kernel. I installed the kernel-devel package and set the 
> kernel source for the nvidia installer and after compiling it 
> complains that the nvidia module is not in the right format (as if the 
> kernel headers were not the right version, and they seem to be!). I 
> tried with the CCRMA edge single processor kernel and the nvidia 
> module compiled and installed without problems but at reboot X 
> couldn't find the module.
> Question for Matt Barber: how did you rebuild the livna package? would 
> you mind posting a how-to? I used to do it in the Debian world but I 
> still find RPMs and Fedora a little bit confusing.
> Thanks!
> Hector
> Matt Barber wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I haven't done it on FC4, but on FC5, the only way (and probably the 
>> best way) I could get it to work was to rebuild the livna SRPM.  I 
>> don't see why you couldn't do this in FC4 (unless there's a big 
>> problem somewhere), and then at least you'd have an RPM.  I'm not 
>> sure, but I think this might allow you to have nvidia drivers 
>> installed for multiple kernels (which was tough with the nvidia 
>> installation app).
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