[PlanetCCRMA] FC5 jamin & tap

Dan Easley daneasley@gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 07:16:02 2006

I haven't done extensive testing, but I've had very few problems with
the rrt.rhfc5.ccrma kernel.

Only really weird thing thus far is it hangs on boot trying to setup
the firewall if i try to boot with kernel option 'acpi=off'.

BTW, I successfully compiled lash and seq24 from tarballs on fc5, and
linuxsampler/qsampler from cvs.

On 6/19/06, BJaY <BJaY@safe-mail.net> wrote:
> Hi,
>         Are jamin and tap plugins on the horizon for FC5, the rdt kernel is testing
> well for me and I want to make the jump. I've seen alot of problems
> installing the kernel, is anyone having good experiences with it ?
> Cheers,
> Bruce.
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