[PlanetCCRMA] Fedora 5 Kernel Installation Nightmare

mariacallas mariac4llas@yahoo.gr
Mon Jun 19 06:44:01 2006

Hi Fernando and mjr.

I'm sorry my messages are confusing but I'm confused as well.

I realized that it was not a freeze but the system was checking the hard
disk due to the shutdown problem... but with a black screen for ~1
minute! I could not even reboot in this situation and I took it as a
freeze. There was no apparent (noises, you know) hard disk operation,
but when the black screen was gone I could read the messages.

Then it started to work again for a while and then another black screen
for half a minute and finally the login.

If I remove "rhgb quiet", there is no more the first black screen, and
you see the system is working without freezes, but I still have the
second one, just before I got the graphical login.

Once you know it's not a big problem but I suspect it is related to the
other problem: my computer is not responsive: you can't type too fast,
there is no key auto repeat, and if you want to drag, risize or scroll a
window you have to click, wait 1 or 2 seconds, and then drag. It is very
hard to make a text selection with the mouse.

If I switch to another (non X) virtual console, I can type normally and
when I switch back it takes so much time before the screen is redrawed
correctly and I can interact with it.

I would say that when the system is a bit busy (not completely idle),
the user interface is somewhat more responsive but this is a random

I don't have this problem with the standard fedora core 5 kernels, so
maybe it is related to the low latency patches.

My computer is a Sony Vaio vgn fs115m. I don't know what kind of
information you may need. I know I have to use acpi=off in order to boot

Thanks to everybody,


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