[PlanetCCRMA] apt repository for fedora core 5?

Marco Schroeder Marco Schroeder <gatt_burger@yahoo.de>
Sun Jun 18 17:45:01 2006

Hello everyone!
 First of all I want to thank your for planetccrma at home. I am not new to planetccrma at home but new at this mailing-list. (In fact this is my first mailing list subscribed ever.)
 I already used the repositories with fedora core 3 and core 4. I now changed my system to core 5. It seems that you dropped apt-support for core 5, as far as I understood from the website. Everything is done now with yum. Did I get that right? It's just that I so totally was getting used to apt and synaptic (great tool) that I would be happy to see apt-repos for core 5. Okay, yum is the genuine packet-manager of fedora, so I would of course change to it ... if there is no apt-repo.
 By the way on the website I noticed, that you give some apt-get commands below the headline "installing-applications" so that's in fact what was confusing me on this whole apt an yum thing. Either ways is okay. I will use planetccrma at home in the future for sure - it's simply great.
 Thank you very much!
Marco Schröder - Germany -
E-Mail: Gatt_Burger@yahoo.de