[PlanetCCRMA] Stanford Jazz Festival and CCRMA; Thanks

M P Smoak smoak@mis.net
Sun Jun 18 17:17:02 2006

Hi Frenando and all,

Today I'm relaxing on Fathers Day (being one).  And I sat down 
to play a bit of sop. sax with some jazz station on the internet 
to work on playing multitonics.  KCSM suited my mood;  before 
long they said they are playing someone who going to be at the 
Stanford Jazz Festival.  


This event looks like it will be outstanding;  many folks I'd 
love to see.  Also looked at the Jazz Workshops.  


So again, Stanford music has added to my enjoyment today...  
And PlanetC has helped me alot for a long time now.

Fernando, I can't thank you and the other folks in Stanford 
enough for the great opportunities you provide for musicians, 
fans and the general public (worldwide).  

Last week I bought a new hard drive and, with help, got Planet-
CCRMA/fc5 kernel installed.  My old rh9 version suffered no damage and 
I'm looking forward to getting the new stuff setup as it "matures". 
I've recently found a very good linux guy here to do installs I'm not 
comfortable doing;  I hope we can assist in testing, or some other 
way, as the new version develops.  Again, thanks Stanford, Fernando, 
and all the folks involved with Stanford music.

So back to trying to get multitonics going on soprano sax; not much 
progress yet.  But flute and alto sax are coming along; actually 
used it a bit last night on alto.  Any other sax players on this list 
using multitonics (or trying to) in their improvs?  The more I listen 
to great players, like Rahsaan Roland Kirk, the more I think I hear it
alot in improvs.  (Hope improv techniques are not OT here.)

Happy Fathers Day to all, 

Marv    in Lex KY  still looking for a clean fifth (and above) on s'sax