[PlanetCCRMA] Why we we have to use Red Hat?

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Fri Jan 28 07:30:02 2005

Hi Matt:

I think 2.6.10 recently made into the repository. And IIRC, 2.6.x 
kernels are available for Planet C only if you're willing to struggle 
with FC.

Speaking of that struggle: I desperately want to rid my FC3 system of 
that godawful default window manager. Anyone have some tips ? Things 
have changed a bit from RH -> FC, I'd like to switch completely but I 
need to trash that wm asap. I prefer Blackbox, but am willing to try 
Fluxbox too.

Btw, if you want Csound you're probably going to have to compile it 
yourself, and you'll have some choices to make. If you want the 4.2x 
release it's fairly straightforward to build and install. Csound5 is in 
CVS and under intense testing, it's the new way Csound will follow but 
it's definitely not ready for prime time. And you will need some 
components not found in standard distros (SWIG, boost, threaded FLTK, 
Portaudio, Portmidi, Python 2.3, and the Scons build system).



Matt Barber wrote:

>->Well, you can try AGNULA/Demudi instead, it's a bit lighter. Works
>It doesn't seem to support as much hardware out of the box, however
>(they're still "officially" using the 2.4 kernel, yes? with an
>experimental and fairly light-weight 2.6.9 kernel?), and needs some
>tweaking if you want some SATA, network, etc. controllers to work or
>work well.  I've been checking out Gentoo, but was saddened when I found
>no csound in the portage tree.  Not sure why that is...