[PlanetCCRMA] Why we we have to use Red Hat?

Sean Edwards cybersean3000@yahoo.com
Thu Jan 27 06:56:04 2005

I don't use RedHat or Fedora Core either, I use Debian
on an AMD K7 with an ASUS K7M motherboard.  Since the
Agnula/Demudi project is not as robust or complete as
the Planet, I find Fernando's software listings and
the links to those projects pages very valuable.

The down side is that the versions I work with may not
be the same as what Fernando makes available, and I
have to tweak my own kernel.  Again, the documentation
Fernando makes available about the kernel is also very

The greatest value is the help and insight offered by
the members of this list.

-=Sean Edwards=-

> Michael Jackson wrote:
> > Why do we have to use Red Hat? It seems alot to
> put on all those CD's. 
> > Isn't there a more slim-line way to create a audio
> linux system.

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