[PlanetCCRMA] realtime capabilites in 2.6.10

Björn Elenfors Björn Elenfors
Mon Jan 17 11:43:02 2005


At last upgrade I got myself a 2.6.10-2.1.ll.rhfc2.ccrma kernel and I
also switched my old realcap script for the newer rtload and rtirq
scripts in the rc.d directory.  When starting jack in the qjackctl I
get the following:

20:32:24.743 /usr/bin/jackstart -R -dalsa -dhw:0 -r48000 -p1024 -n2
20:32:24.755 JACK was started with PID=3897 (0xf39).
jackstart: cannot get realtime capabilities, current capabilities are:
           =ep cap_setpcap-ep
    probably running under a kernel with capabilities disabled,
    a suitable kernel would have printed something like "=eip"
back from read, ret = 1 errno == Success
jackstart: could not give capabilities: Operation not permitted
jackd 0.99.36

lsmod shows no trace of the realtime module.  any hints?

Did I misinterpret any information?