[PlanetCCRMA] Recommendations for Athlon Board for CCRMA (ARRGH!!!! #@$#$&^%# BioStar Board)

mjnoble not8ohm@iinet.net.au
Fri Jan 14 07:25:04 2005

Matt Barber wrote:

>Whatever you do, stay away from nforce.  Those things'll make you cry,
hmm, just curious, but would you care to elaborate?  I know RME were
recommending nforce boards for athlon based DAWs for some time, but
that's because they were a lot more reliable under windows.  I can vouch
for that, having had nothing but bad experiences with VIA based boards
all the way up to kt400 chipsets (including a few widely reported bugs
in the earlier days) and nothing but solid machines running on nforce
chipsets.  nonetheless, that's windows, and linux is a whole 'nother
world, for sure.  I haven't kept up with the move to 64bit architecture
either so things may have changed in that regard.  Are there specific
issues with regard linux and nforce that you can point me to?  I'm
running an nforce2 board and it seems to be ok so far.  (I'm fairly sure
my FC1 issues were dodgy hard disc related...)