[PlanetCCRMA] what's the best distro - RH9, FCn?

Shayne O'Connor forums@machinehasnoagenda.com
Mon Jan 10 09:29:01 2005

Crispin wrote:

>I'm faced with the prospect of reinstalling everything as to replace a noisy
>hard drive.  
>So, what's currently considered to be the most stable platform?  RH9 and
>kernel 2.4 currently works for me but I keep reading postings about latancy
>and xruns with Fedora and more recent kernels.
>I use an SBLive soundcard and work with muse, seq24, audacity, fluidsynth,
>swami and spiralsynthmodular if that has any bearing on things.  And I tend
>to need nvidia drivers.
>Will RH9 continue to be supported on the planet for the forseeable future?
as far as nvidia drivers go (video card, i assume), using a fedora core
2 installation will allow you to go to kernel 2.6.8 - anything above
that breaks all of the nvidia card drivers (as far as i can make out).

the 2.6.8 kernel isn't too bad - but compared with the latest ones
(2.6.10 in particular), there are a few issues with xruns and general
audio stability. i have an nvidia card, but i have forsaken 3d
acceleration for the more stable and powerful kernel - i have a
soundblaster card too, and i also use muse which runs almost like a
dream now :)

if you can do without 3d acceleration, i'd definitely take the plunge
and do a fedora core 2 installation with the latest kernels - fc3 might
be a tad ambitious right now :)

good luck