[PlanetCCRMA] New Install For FC3

Pasi Karppinen pasi.karppinen@pp6.inet.fi
Thu Jan 6 15:44:01 2005

On Thu, 2005-01-06 at 12:17 +0000, Steve Harris wrote:

> You should be fine, I've run hyperthreaded machines on kernels older than
> the one in FC3.
> - Steve 

Well, you were right! I was able to install Planet CCRMA SMP kernel and
a couple of sound applications on Fedora Core 3. I'm currently using
Planet CCRMA 2.6.10-2.1.11 kernel, but I will later try Planet CCRMA
kernel 2.6.9-2.3.rdt that has Ingo Molnar's low latency patches.

There was only two minor problems that I faced:

1) some applications gave me this error:
"..open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory"

I realise this is a problem with Fedora Core 3 (I haven't configured it
properly). I don't know how it handles sound devices, but as a
workaround I had to type 'modprobe snd-seq'. After that all the
applications started nicely.

2) I have M-Audio Delta 66 soundcard and would like to use
'envy24control' -utility, but it refuses to start giving me this error:

[root@zoostation ~]# envy24control
using    --- input_channels: 4
         --- output_channels: 4
         --- pcm_output_channels: 8
         --- spdif in/out channels: 2
envy24control: seq.c:3752: snd_seq_event_output_buffer: Assertion `seq
&& ev' failed.


Other than that everything went smoothly. I got Jack, Jackrack,
Qjackctl, LADSPA plugins (thank you Steve for your hard work on these!),
Qsynth, Timidity, Hydrogen, Rosegarden and Ardour installed and they
seem to work really well! I also downloaded some nice soundfonts from
http://www.hammersound.net/ to be used with Qsynth.

Now, with these applications alone and a 3.2GHz nuclear reactor under
the hood I should be able to create anything! It's thrilling to realise
that I now have all these possibilities - it is only my own creativity
setting the limits. I am truly amazed to see how great these Linux sound
applications are. I want to sincerely thank you all who are making it
possible for everyone to use Linux for music making!

..And to people who are struggling with getting their Linux sound
systems configured properly - don't give up! Once you get the system up
and running you will realise that it was worth it. Period.

OK, enough rambling. I think it's time to get a shot of brandy, fire up
timidity with Fluid R3 soundfont, crank up the volume and hear one of
the greatest wavetable midi arrangement ever done. That would be Marcel
Gonzalez's arrangement of Robert Miles' 'Children'.