[PlanetCCRMA] Anyone else getting this?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Jan 18 17:24:01 2003

> > What is your current version of gtk2? 
> [brian@aquila brian]$ rpm -vq gtk2 gtk2-devel
> gtk2-2.0.6-8
> gtk2-devel-2.0.6-8
> > I currently have (on RedHat 8.0) gtk2-2.0.6-8. You probably have a
> > different version than the stock redhat package, because the version I
> > have does not require libXrandr.so.2 at all:
>     Well, I'm not supposed to; this started as a re-install of 8.0, and then
> upgraded only from apt. I don't want to get too close to the bleeding
> edge again.
>     $ rpm -q --requires gtk2|grep libXrandr
>     $
>     Sam ding.  I dunno.

Wow, that's weird. 

> > The most common reason for having unmet dependencies is using "--force"
> > or "--nodeps" when installing rpms. My guess is that you have installed
> > at some point a newer version of the gtk2/glib2 rpms and you used one of
> > the two aforementioned switches to bypass a warning about unmet
> > dependencies. 
> > 
> > Apt needs clean dependencies to be able to work. 
>    No, I'm pretty careful about those; I've had that problem before. 
> Any other ideas?

I don't think I read about the original command that was triggering the
problem. At what point in the upgrade were you? Could you try a:

  apt-get check 

...to see what it prints? Maybe it will tell us more. 

I'm running out of ideas. I have no clue of where that requirement is
coming from. You could try to explicitly ask the question with:

rpm -q --whatrequires libXrandr.so.1
rpm -q --whatrequires libXrandr.so.2

So, if you have not used --force or --nodeps then either the apt
database and/or the rpm database are corrupted. Apt gets all the
information from rpm. You could try to rebuild the rpm databases:

  rpm --rebuilddb

(it will take a while)
The try a "apt-get update" and then "apt-get check" to resync apt. If
the problem still persists then the culprit would be apt  (but that is
just a guess). I don't know how to force it to rebuild (other than
"update"). Probably a drastic uninstall / install and redo the
configuration would do it. 

-- Fernando