[PlanetCCRMA] Nvidia driver and RedHat 8

Roger Dannenberg rbd@cs.cmu.edu
Sat Jan 18 12:22:01 2003

I have a graphics card with a new NVIDIA chip set that I want to use
with OpenGL. I just discovered OpenGL performance is terrible because
the driver is "vesa". As far as I can tell, 

1) I have to build an NVIDIA driver to take advantage of the hardware
2) I need to use the same compiler to build the NVIDIA driver as was
used to build the kernel
3) Since I'm using a PlanetCCRMA kernel built under RedHat 7, and I'm
running RedHat 8, I can't build the NVIDIA driver, so...
4) I need to build my own kernel under RedHat 8 so I can make a
compatible video driver

Is this correct? I thought successfully installing and building all the
stuff for OpenGL would be pretty painful to start with, but also
building a compatible kernel (to the PlanetCCRMA kernel I have now)
seems much worse.