[PlanetCCRMA] How to create a 4.0 rt kernel package?

Yury Bulka setthemfree at privacyrequired.com
Thu May 14 02:22:52 PDT 2015


I'm looking for advice on compiling a 4.0 rt kernel "the proper way",
i.e. to have an -rt package that is similar to the official PlanetCCRMA
packages. Perhaps just some pointers to information on how this is done
for planet ccrma. I know how to compile kernels from the bare source
(from kernel.org), but haven't yet compiled rt kernels into rpms.

Do you have any scripts you use to build the rt kernels?

The reason I have to do this is because I'm on a machine that has an
Intel Broadwell graphics unit that only works properly with 4.0+
kernels:( That's why I've upgraded to Fedora 22.

Would be enormously grateful for any hints,

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