[PlanetCCRMA] [SPAM:###] hardware digital mixing console

Stephan Neuhaus sten at artdecode.de
Thu May 7 08:39:46 PDT 2015

> From: anders.vinjar at bek.no
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>>>>>> "J" == Juan Reyes writes:
>     J> Hi, Has anyone tried Behringer X32 USB ports with ALSA and
>     J> Linux?.
> Hi Juan.
> Yes, i've checked slightly.  That it connects and shows up, with all
> ports (32 i/o) connected (dependent on the config in the mixer).  Then
> just played 16 tracks out, to check sound was coming out and it didn't
> start coughing.
> I haven't used the mixer in any production myself yet, but the
> sound-guys using it here feel good about it (or more precise: they tell
> me it sounds much better than they'd suspect from the brand, and
> particularly the price).

If I remember correctly, however, the X32 has a fan, has it not?  That
would make recording quiet sounds tricky if it's in the same location.



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