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M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb at znmeb.net
Fri Nov 8 13:12:31 PST 2013

Quoting Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU>:

> On 11/08/2013 10:09 AM, Donald Steven wrote:
>> This is terrific!
> You mean Fedora Jam?
>> Is it compatible with CCRMA-At-Home?    Would one install Fedora Jam,
>> then add the CCRMA repositories, then update/install, or would that
>> cause problems?
> It should not. It is just Fedora after all, and Planet CCRMA is built on
> top of fedora. If there are any issues let us know.
> These days there are less and less packages coming from Planet CCRMA and
> more from Fedora proper and that is good. There are still some
> "important" leftovers like supercollider and pd but those will
> eventaully migrate as well. Maybe the only remaining one will be the rt
> patched kernel - it will be impossible to add that to Fedora.

It will also be impossible to add packages that depend on RPM Fusion  
or otherwise encumbered software. That may be the sticking point with  
supercollider and pd.

Speaking of Fedora Jam and Planet CCRMA, I believe the Fedora 20 beta  
is coming out next Tuesday and my plan is to upgrade my laptop from  
Fedora 19 then. So I will be testing out Fedora 20 / Fedora Jam /  
Planet CCRMA. I have another laptop that's been running Fedora 20  
since it went to alpha but the hardware is flaky on it to a pretty  
annoying level. Its only saving grace is that the built-in speakers /  
sound card are a *lot* better than what's on my newer laptop.

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