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Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Nov 8 10:58:41 PST 2013

On 11/08/2013 10:09 AM, Donald Steven wrote:
> This is terrific!

You mean Fedora Jam?

> Is it compatible with CCRMA-At-Home?    Would one install Fedora Jam,
> then add the CCRMA repositories, then update/install, or would that
> cause problems?

It should not. It is just Fedora after all, and Planet CCRMA is built on 
top of fedora. If there are any issues let us know.

These days there are less and less packages coming from Planet CCRMA and 
more from Fedora proper and that is good. There are still some 
"important" leftovers like supercollider and pd but those will 
eventaully migrate as well. Maybe the only remaining one will be the rt 
patched kernel - it will be impossible to add that to Fedora.

(if you are in the planet ccrma list only you should consider 
subscribing also to fedora-music-list at redhat.com)
-- Fernando

> On 11/07/2013 10:22 PM, Orcan Ogetbil wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> Some of you will recognize me from my past work on the audio side of
>> Fedora. I joined the world of packaging in the summer of 2008. It
>> wasn't too long until I noticed that there were lots of room for
>> improvement and limited manpower on the audio production side of my
>> distribution. Given that I was a musician myself, I decided to put my
>> focus on joining the world of free audio software developers with
>> enthusiastic musicians who want to explore Linux. I decided to carry
>> the torch my predecessors (I want to take the liberty on behalf of our
>> community to thank Anthony Green for all his work) kept lit until
>> then.
>> I want to say it has been a great project, a pleasant experience,
>> thanks to our supportive community. I learned a lot along the way,
>> became a programmer myself, even got a part-time job as a
>> programmer/RPM packager when I was in school. With the help and
>> support of planetccrma folks, we moved a large number of key packages
>> to Fedora (thank you Fernando for everything!), worked on the
>> integration of our software with other parts of the system, kept all
>> packages up-to-date, backported fixes when they were available, wrote
>> the fixes ourselves when they were not available. Through packaging, I
>> found the opportunity to network with many great developers (at some
>> point I became one of the main developers of a cool software (Muse)
>> that I was packaging).
>> Nevertheless the time I could spend on this project diminished over
>> time. In the past, I wanted to make an audio production spin for
>> Fedora so bad, but never found the time to make it live. Fortunately,
>> new talents joined the crew and took the burden (thanks and respects
>> to Brendan Jones and the others) along the way and produced the Fedora
>> Jam spin. I know it was hard work and I wish I did more than picking
>> the name :)
>> As I wasn't dedicating enough time to respond to new requests and bug
>> reports, last week I handed over most of my packages, including core
>> packages such as jack, ardour(2), hydrogen and others, to Brendan. He
>> was so kind to help out despite having to deal with ten thousand other
>> things. (He is the torchbearer now :)) I reduced my packaging duties
>> to only those packages that I am/was the developer for, plus a handful
>> of others. I am confident that they will now get the attention they
>> deserve.
>> >From now on, I will keep contributing, but mostly as a user as I was
>> pre-2008 (I am still an active musician playing in a band and I love
>> to work with all these tools!). I will always be within reach when
>> help is needed. I hope you folks will respect this decision.
>> Thank you all, once again, for your contributions to Fedora and to my
>> life. I'll see you around!
>> Best regards,
>> Orcan
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