[PlanetCCRMA] Thank you!

Donald Steven t6sn7gt at aim.com
Fri Nov 8 10:09:09 PST 2013

This is terrific!

Is it compatible with CCRMA-At-Home?    Would one install Fedora Jam, 
then add the CCRMA repositories, then update/install, or would that 
cause problems?


On 11/07/2013 10:22 PM, Orcan Ogetbil wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Some of you will recognize me from my past work on the audio side of
> Fedora. I joined the world of packaging in the summer of 2008. It
> wasn't too long until I noticed that there were lots of room for
> improvement and limited manpower on the audio production side of my
> distribution. Given that I was a musician myself, I decided to put my
> focus on joining the world of free audio software developers with
> enthusiastic musicians who want to explore Linux. I decided to carry
> the torch my predecessors (I want to take the liberty on behalf of our
> community to thank Anthony Green for all his work) kept lit until
> then.
> I want to say it has been a great project, a pleasant experience,
> thanks to our supportive community. I learned a lot along the way,
> became a programmer myself, even got a part-time job as a
> programmer/RPM packager when I was in school. With the help and
> support of planetccrma folks, we moved a large number of key packages
> to Fedora (thank you Fernando for everything!), worked on the
> integration of our software with other parts of the system, kept all
> packages up-to-date, backported fixes when they were available, wrote
> the fixes ourselves when they were not available. Through packaging, I
> found the opportunity to network with many great developers (at some
> point I became one of the main developers of a cool software (Muse)
> that I was packaging).
> Nevertheless the time I could spend on this project diminished over
> time. In the past, I wanted to make an audio production spin for
> Fedora so bad, but never found the time to make it live. Fortunately,
> new talents joined the crew and took the burden (thanks and respects
> to Brendan Jones and the others) along the way and produced the Fedora
> Jam spin. I know it was hard work and I wish I did more than picking
> the name :)
> As I wasn't dedicating enough time to respond to new requests and bug
> reports, last week I handed over most of my packages, including core
> packages such as jack, ardour(2), hydrogen and others, to Brendan. He
> was so kind to help out despite having to deal with ten thousand other
> things. (He is the torchbearer now :)) I reduced my packaging duties
> to only those packages that I am/was the developer for, plus a handful
> of others. I am confident that they will now get the attention they
> deserve.
> >From now on, I will keep contributing, but mostly as a user as I was
> pre-2008 (I am still an active musician playing in a band and I love
> to work with all these tools!). I will always be within reach when
> help is needed. I hope you folks will respect this decision.
> Thank you all, once again, for your contributions to Fedora and to my
> life. I'll see you around!
> Best regards,
> Orcan
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