[PlanetCCRMA] F15 + CCRMA = no X on start, no network, long boot time and instability

Donald Steven t6sn7gt at aim.com
Sat Jul 2 09:00:39 PDT 2011

FWIW also, I've given up on the rt kernel as I get the same problem as 
Geoff's #4.  I have a Core 2 Duo (E8500) with a Radeon 4850.


On 07/02/2011 11:00 AM, Geoff King wrote:
> Hi Dale, A few things that might help (note I'm still on FC14, but 
> probably not significantly different in commands):
> 1) Holding down Shift while booting should bring up boot menu.
> 2) Once you are sure a kernel setting works you can edit 
> /boot/grub/menu.lst but be careful
> 3) Install yumex and try to manage rpm packages with that. I find it 
> easier to use most of the time. You shouldn't need to reinstall Fedora 
> in your example, just remove the offending packages.
> 4) FWIW - the rt kernel doesn't work well on my current desktop 
> machine either (quad core i5). It boots, but eventually locks up after 
> a few minutes.  For the last few months I've been using a low latency 
> kernel based on the FC14 generic that I build myself and works for my 
> use.  However, the rt kernel worked great on a prior machine of mine 
> in the past.
> 5) Assuming you are on wireless,  I'm not suprised that you are having 
> some network issues.  Wireless can sometimes be problematic with linux 
> especially if changing around kernels and such.  Maybe someone will 
> have some advice? I use ethernet cable and never have any problems.  
> What is your network device name?
> 6) I doubt you will have any dual boot problems, but haven't done that 
> for a several  years.  I found I don't like to switch OS back and 
> forth decided to stick with linux.  Maybe others have an opinion?
> 7) Not getting X?  What is your video card make and model?  What are 
> your system specs, type model, 32bit or 64bit?  I probably won't know 
> how to help, but this is some basic info you should provide when 
> asking for help.  If you have nvidia card, search the mailing list and 
> web, there is tons of advice on the net about how to get those working 
> using akmod or kmod.
> 8) Ask yourself if you really need a full rt kernel or does a more 
> stock system like FC15 or latest ubuntu work well enough for your 
> purposes?  There are compromises that sometimes have to be made.   
> What do you hope to gain from going full rt vs. standard setup?
> Hope this helps.
> Geoff
> On Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 6:18 AM, Dale Powell <dj_kaza at hotmail.com 
> <mailto:dj_kaza at hotmail.com>> wrote:
>     Just installed Fedora15 on a new hard drive in my laptop. As the
>     first distribution I have tried that will loose wireless
>     connection and reconnect without me having to restart the laptop
>     to get the network working again I really do want to go for F15
>     over F14 even though CCRMA/RT-Kernel hasn't quite caught up with
>     it yet.
>     Ran the installation.
>     Ran Yum Update
>     Added RPMFusion Free and NonFree, plus CCRMA depositories
>     Removed Parole
>     Installed XMMS plus Gstreamer plugs Bad, Ugly and FFMPEG
>     (Very basics and at this point would boot up very quickly, didn't
>     time it but would say 20-30sec.)
>     Slightly worried at this point that I did not have a GRUB Boot
>     menu at loading. Especially as I do plan to have a Windows
>     partition on there as well. Previously have always had Windows
>     installed first... But at that point I didn't know if there was
>     maybe no kernel update thus no need to select which you use at
>     startup.
>     installonly_limit=3 which I didn't change to 0 for unlimited but
>     still I thought should of given me the option between kernels at
>     boot but didn't seem to, automatically loading into most recent.
>     How do I change this and is installing Windows (most likely XP,
>     maybe Win7 if I ge around to upgrading) later going to cause any
>     problems?
>     Anyway thought I'd try the planetccrma-core as should have the
>     choice so ran 'yum install planetccrma-core' then tried restarting.
>     Laptop took ages to boot up, a couple of minutes, at least 3-4
>     times as long if not longer than before. I tried restarting a
>     couple of times to make sure wasn't only due to running the first
>     time after changes.
>     Not only that but it only booted into command line, with me having
>     to log in the run 'startx' to get the graphical environment (but
>     at least it worked.)
>     Once there I found my Network widget had disappeared so I had no
>     access to the internet. Trying to find the Network Manager and the
>     system completely froze on me, requiring a hard reset.
>     At this point I decided to just reinstall F15 vanilla and not use
>     the CCRMA Core for the moment!
>     As you can tell I'm fairly new to Linux, some Ubuntu use and a
>     little with F14 previously. Comments on the above appreciated.
>     Hints and tips on what I did wrong (if anything) or any more
>     information you would like to have from me regarding it appreciated.
>     Many thanks, Dale.
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