[PlanetCCRMA] slime-sbcl dependency broken

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Mar 9 13:54:05 PST 2010

Hi Niels

I support all of Fernando's comments. Just haven't been able to find
similar features in other tools.

I don't mind the real-time issue because if worse comes to worse, there
are thousands of soundfile player applications, loopers, and in many of
them you can do further real-time signal processing.

> One thing that would be useful is to use lispy language features, like
> continuations, to define "LFO" like property of sound manipulation.
> LFO's could then take on properties of fractals and other complicated,
> stateful computations, and not just waveforms.

 I don't want to pretend I am too adventurous by asserting this point
but nevertheless this seems to be the kind of stuff we do in CLM.  I
remember following sort of like procedure to get natural and realistic
vibrato by changing lengths on delay-lines on models like the

> The other thing that would be interesting is to explore the
> intersection between fractal self-similarities and rhythm/melody. Is
> music, and that which sounds musical "fractal" in nature, much like
> when we see something and instantly identify "tree" or "mountain" or
> "coastline" because of their fractal nature? Do we appreciate when
> music is more fractal, versus being a kind of latticework, infinite
> pattern, or just a random potpourri of sounds strung together for no
> purpose?

This is a nice thought!

  --* Juan

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