[PlanetCCRMA] Wine and the PLanetCCRMA Jack with FC 10 64-bit

Mike Mazarick mazarick at bellsouth.net
Sun Mar 29 13:34:06 PDT 2009


I had seen some other posts about a 32-bit/64-bit conflict or such when
someone was going to use Wine with the PlanetCCRMA Jack. I just installed
Wine with yum and I am able to use a couple audio programs in Wine and they
see and use my FTPro USB audio interface just fine, however even running as
root I can not get anything to use Jack. Some things see it, or rather the
Wine dirvers for Jack. I am not so sure what I should be seeing from Jack,
but I would imagine that Jack should see the things in Wine as other inputs
of some sort. 

I have been very successful with running wineasio-x and Wine so that I could
get Reaper working (a Windows audio VST host) on a 64 bit Fedora 8 CCRMA
system.   By using this, I am able to play the tracks thru Reaper and add a
VST effect/synth.   The program that is connected in Jack is called
"JackBridge" and it is a special 64 bit version called wineasio-x.   All of
this had to be compiled, and it required the Steinberg VST license header.

Before I go much further, I was curious if there were any known issues with
Wine and the PlanetCCRMA Jack. I am running fc 10 64-bit and although the
description for Wine in the repo says it runs 16/32/64 bit windows programs
it only had a .386 on the end of anything to do with Wine. As I mentioned,
Everything runs fine and sound comes out. I am just checking before I spend
a lot of time to find out it's just not me knowing how to use Jack with


No major problems except not know what to do and a lot of experimentation
required to get working.   The only major change is that I am running a
ridiculous number of channels (32) and I had to modify the common.h file
which specifies the number of inputs/outputs and increase it from the
default of 8.


-Mike Mazarick


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