[PlanetCCRMA] multi monitor / ATI / F10 / CCRMA RT kernel?

michael noble looplog at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 03:19:45 PST 2009

hi all,

To cut a long story short, is the subject line at all possible?

In my experience, openSUSE is the ONLY distro that has multimonitor support
that just works out of the box for ATI cards. In openSUSE however, the lack
of uptake of new JACK builds and ongoing problems with certain apps in the
repos has left me with an itch to return to Fedora.  I don't need 3D
support, so the open source radeon driver is fine - I just don't want to
spend hours on end debugging archaic config files and still end up with no
spanning support, which has also been my experience  under Fedora in the

However, I'm more than willing to admit that it all comes down to my bad
luck and or skills.

So, if anybody is successfully running ATI/F10 in dualscreen out there and
would be willing to report how they got it up and running it'd be greatly
appreciated. Anybody...?

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