[PlanetCCRMA] FC 6 updated still ?

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Sun Jan 20 11:14:00 2008


  In the frantic world of ever-popping Linux versions (how many can they
make in 12 months ?) I very often feel like not following and my main
reason in doing so is that it takes time to update and get the same
functionality back (bravo if there are extras).  It's absolutely
understandable that a brand new system takes time to get up to speed.
New libc, new libraries, perhaps a new compiler, new kernel, updated
apps, etc... When I start the machine to make music, I do not want to
tweak it to make it work, let alone make it work basically as it used to
do before upgrading the whole system (I do keep all config-related
files between updates so I can refer to them in case).

  So, what I meant to ask is, are there still CCRMA updates for Fedora
Core 6 x86_64 and if so, until when ?  I'm thinking at Ardour, Jack,
Qsynth, Jamin, Rezound, and such (as long as hey do not use explicitly
new methods from updated libraries).  I don't even know how long the
Fedora team keeps updating a version.  

  It seems like that's a long time since I haven't seen an Ardour2
update.  Perhaps there were none from Paul Davis, after all.