[PlanetCCRMA] FC 6 updated still ?

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Jan 25 18:10:01 2008

On Sun, 2008-01-20 at 14:15 -0500, lanas wrote:
> Hello,
>   In the frantic world of ever-popping Linux versions (how many can they
> make in 12 months ?) I very often feel like not following and my main
> reason in doing so is that it takes time to update and get the same
> functionality back (bravo if there are extras).  It's absolutely
> understandable that a brand new system takes time to get up to speed.
> New libc, new libraries, perhaps a new compiler, new kernel, updated
> apps, etc... When I start the machine to make music, I do not want to
> tweak it to make it work, let alone make it work basically as it used to
> do before upgrading the whole system (I do keep all config-related
> files between updates so I can refer to them in case).
>   So, what I meant to ask is, are there still CCRMA updates for Fedora
> Core 6 x86_64 and if so, until when ?  I'm thinking at Ardour, Jack,
> Qsynth, Jamin, Rezound, and such (as long as hey do not use explicitly
> new methods from updated libraries).  I don't even know how long the
> Fedora team keeps updating a version.  

Well, the update window for Fedora 6 from Fedora has already closed.
They maintain older versions (in the sense of patches, security updates,
etc) for two release cycles, so that when Fedora 8 comes out Fedora 6
times out :-)

Which gives a best (or worst) case of 1 upgrade a year if you skip every
other release. 

>   It seems like that's a long time since I haven't seen an Ardour2
> update.  Perhaps there were none from Paul Davis, after all.

I may do a few more upgrades for f6 but don't expect too much. We'll see
(I'm waiting for the latest ardour2 package to show up in stable f7/8 to
try to rebuild on f6). Paul just (a week ago?) released 2.2. And of
course a new Jack to match (testing 0.109.1 svn)...

Sigh. The kernel. Still having problems with 2.6.23[*] and 2.6.24 is
just out! Back to the hamster wheel I ride for kernel stuff, lotsa work
to usually end in the same place. It's the journey that counts,
right? :-(

-- Fernando

[*] it would seem nobody runs into these problems and debugs/fixes them
while I'm on vacation, no such luck...