[PlanetCCRMA] Build Ruby Audio APIs hack session (Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group)

Noah Thorp noah at listenlabs.com
Sat Jan 19 23:28:01 2008

I am organizing a hack session to build Ruby Audio APIs in San Francisco 
this coming Thursday 1/24 from 7:30-9:30 (venue to be announced 
shortly). You are welcome to come and participate. You can RSVP at 

Fernando informed me that there is Ruby support in SND. If you have SND 
Ruby expertise that you would like to share with a room filled with 
Audio Ruby enthusiasts you would be very welcome to do so.

More details about the event are below.

Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group Organizer


Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group
Hack Session: Build Ruby Audio APIs
7:30-9:30PM, Thursday Jan 24th, 2008
South of Market San Francisco (Venue to be announced shortly)
RSVP at http://electronicmusic.meetup.com/152/calendar/6806947/

Meet with other Computer Music Technologists and Ruby developers for a 
hack session and discussion about developing Audio APIs for the Ruby 
programming language. The focus of this hack session will be on 
identifying, extending, and using existing libraries in Ruby.

Ruby has emerged as a concise elegant language with an enthusiastic 
community and a superb object model well suited for meta-programming and 
creating domain specific languages (amongst other things). In the last 
year there has been an explosion of support for Ruby from Microsoft 
(Silverlight, IronRuby), Apple (RubyCocoa and bundling Ruby and Rails 
with Leopard) and Sun (JRuby) as well as the promising Rubinius Ruby 
virtual machine. Ruby interpreters are available on OS X, Windows, and 

Likely avenues of exploration for this hack session are:
- Wrapping Csound
- Using OSC from Ruby to control audio applications:
    An existing ruby OSC library can be found here: 
- Interfacing with Max/MSP jRuby and externals(?)
- Building a Ruby wrapper for VST plugins
- SNDs Ruby functionality:
    About SND - http://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/snd/snd/snd.html
    SND & Ruby 
- Your idea here...

Venue for this event will be south of market San Francisco (location to 
be announced soon). Bring your laptops for hacking and show and tell.

Looking forward to hacking with you,
Noah Thorp (Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group Organizer)