[PlanetCCRMA] Looking for audio device w/ XLR, line-level inputs

Wade Nelson hollywoodb+ccrma at fastmail.fm
Sat Jan 12 16:09:00 2008

I'm currently looking for an audio interface for my PC that has the

1) XLR input(s)
2) 1/4" line-level input(s)

And optionably (preferably) the following:

3) Headphone jack
4) multichannel recording (2+ channels, can be just XLR & line)
5) Guitar (Hi-Z) input

I'll be using the card entirely with the PlanetCCRMA packageset through
JACK, so as long as the inputs & outputs are separate through JACK then
all is well.  I'm hoping to spend $100 to $150 at best.  I've been
looking at the M-Audio Fast Track series, but haven't found a lot of
info on them as far as linux compatibility.  I'm not particularly
partial to whether the card is an internal or USB card either.

I'm not interested in using a small mixer and running into my onboard
souncard's line-in, I've already done this and it isn't serving its
purpose as well as I had hoped.

Any input on the M-Audio Fast Track series or any other hardware that
might fit the bill would be greatly appreciate, thanks!

Wade Nelson
"I may have to share this planet with animals, 
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