[PlanetCCRMA] drop outs with FC8 and latest CCRMA kernel

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Jan 9 18:16:01 2008

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On Thu, 3 Jan 2008, bH wrote:
> > However, there is work ongoing to merge PlanetCCRMA RPM's into Fedora 
> > itself, which would lessen nando's work load.  This I'm sure he looks 
> > forward to!
> I don't know what "Nando" is looking forward to. Maybe, lying on a beach,
> with a fruity drink that has a funny umbrella in it, strumming his guitar
> and not worry about any of this

[sorry, jumping into the middle of this thread without reading the whole 
thing - still on vacation in Lima with a network connection and randomly 
reading some posts with pine instead of evolution]

That picture is probably what I would have in mind (substitute a keyboard 
for the guitar).

Naw, not going to happen I guess :-)

> however, if it were up to me- I would increase his workload to 24/7

Ha ha, too late, already there :-)

> on-call, to answer every silly question I have like, how will merging 
> "PlanetCCRMA RPM's into Fedora itself" make it a better DAW? and "Does 
> it mean I can finally, get a nvidia driver from livna to match my R/T 
> kernel"? or, Do I really need sendmail on a Daw? or, SELinux? Aren't 
> those the people who spy on me? or, "Why is it so, blue"?
> I myself am having issues with the F8 PlanetCCRMA rt kernel; I'm running 
> F7 on my main DAW desktop for now, but will be upgrading probably next 
> week, as things are stable enough at this point for my uses.  I'll 
> probably forgo the rt kernel for now, as my uses currently don't require 
> the low latency.

I think there are problems with the rt patches for 2.6.23 (up to rt14) on 
some hardware. My take is that there are timing sync issues between 
processors in a multiprocessor system. Those affect jack internal 
timekeeping and result in warnings that are not actually tied to xruns (in 
my tests). I did not have the time to try to debug them before leaving. It 
all takes a lot of time.

Boot with "idle=poll" and see if the problems go away.

> > I for one am thrilled with what nando has been doing for the last
> > several years; many thanks, nando!
> Thats one thing I can agree with you on. Without, Fernando at CCRMA, 
> many most of us would be well and truly, f%3k'ed. Lost.  However, 
> Fernando and CCRMA aside, I can't say that I've been all that thrilled 
> with, Fedora, as a platform for a DAW, so far but, maybe its good enough 
> for you.

I'm not happy myself with the balance that Fedora has between being a 
"cutting edge" distro and its usability. Every once in a while something 
happens (like the early switch to the juju firewire stack) that leaves me 
wondering what the hell to do.

What most probably most users would want is a completely stable base 
distribution with a more cutting edge mix of actual audio applications. 
For many reasons I don't think that can exist. For example that would mean 
an older kernel but then new hardware would not work, etc, etc. What makes 
someone happy will make someone else miserable, etc, etc. Too long to 
explain in detail now (dinner is about to be served here :-) I'm sure if I 
were to switch to Ubuntu (or insert your favorite distro here) we would 
all find new problems and challenges and be unhappy for some reason :-p

Well, dinner _is_ served so I better go...
More when I return. 
-- Fernando