[PlanetCCRMA] supercollider GUI

Hector Centeno hcengar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 20:13:00 2007


I've been exploring Supercollider lately and I was wondering if the
GUI aspect is working on Linux. I read here
http://swiki.hfbk-hamburg.de:8888/MusicTechnology/591 that it is not
implemented yet but I don't know if this is outdated information.  I
tried some of the examples inside /usr/share/SuperCollider/Help/GUI
but I just got errors... I'm quite new to it so I'm not sure if I'm
doing the right thing (I was just cutting and pasting code and trying
to run it). I've tried other code non-GUI related and SC seems to work
fine. Basically I'm interested in the possibility of using SC with a
GUI to display controllers (sliders, knobs, XY, etc).