[PlanetCCRMA] Need help with MadWifi and rt kernel

Joshua Parmenter joshp@u.washington.edu
Thu Mar 22 08:47:02 2007

There is a known problem with the madwifi kernel mod at the rt kernel  
(as discussed on the madwifi wiki / forum)... so, this isn't just  
you. It just doesn't work yet from what I understand.


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> Subject: [PlanetCCRMA] Need help with MadWifi and rt kernel
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> After a fresh install of FC6, I had my wifi going by downloading  
> and installing madwifi, and it was running quite well.  But after  
> installing the RT kernel, and what I believe is the source code for  
> it, I couldn't get it running.  My trouble is that even though I  
> added in the location of the source, per instructions (since it was  
> a different kernel), it didn't seem to find it when I tried the  
> make.  I had already tried make clean, and that didn't seem to  
> complete properly.  Any ideas?  Atheros chipset in a Belkin desktop  
> wifi card, using the latest source code for MadWifi.  I have seen  
> some other distributions that include MadWifi.  Is there a chance  
> that FC might do that, too?
> Thanks,
> Joe

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