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Tue Jul 17 01:32:01 2007

> Nigel Henry wrote:
>> On Monday 16 July 2007 22:25, Randy Winchester wrote:
>>>> Well I was only trying to give a bit of help to the OP that wanted to
>>>> install Tapeutape, and havn't experienced Lash before, but anyway,
>>>> this
>>>> is what I get from the nslookup.
>>>> $ nslookup localhost
>>>> Server:
>>>> Address:
>>>> ** server can't find localhost: NXDOMAIN
>>>> Looking though directly in the /etc/hosts file I see this.
>>>> # Do not remove the following line, or various programs
>>>> # that require network functionality will fail.
>>>>  localhost.localdomain localhost
>>>> ::1  localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
>>>> So that appears ok.
>>>> Nigel.
>>> Nigel,
>>> I seem to recall that it's the IPv6 line in /etc/hosts that causes
>>> confusion with lash.  You might try commenting out the line
>>> ::1  localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
>>>   and rebooting.
>> Yes. I was a bit suspicious about that line myself. At the the moment
>> I'm
>> booted up into FC5 on the same machine, and am downloading the deps for
>> Tapeutape. Saying this, they're done, and installing, but I'll forego
>> building Tapeutape on FC5, and reboot F7, and comment out that line.
>> Lets see how it goes.
>> Nigel.
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> well,
> managed to make those changes to etc/hosts and etc/services and I am no
> longer getting any error messages. Tranches and Tapeutape both load
> okay, but neither seem to be connecting to jack, or at least, qjackctl
> with any i/o options.
> Will investigate further. i imagine I will need to get my feet wet in
> lash before it gets any useful.
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Hi everyone,

sorry i wasn't there this week-end.
Glad you found the solution for the LASH problem.

For the jack problem, did you open a file ? Without any file opened, both
tranches and tapeutape don't create any audio ports, because you can
define the number of IO ports in the .tra and .tap files. Try with the
command : "tapeutape example.tap" or "Open file" from the menu.

Look in the example files for more explanations. I know that xml files are
not exactly "user-friendly" and that's why the upcoming versions will have
gui's to tweak the options and create the instruments.
New versions (more features  and a lot of bug fixes ) should be released
in september.

Hope this helps ;)