[PlanetCCRMA] Re: hitmuri

Nigel Henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Tue Jul 17 09:05:02 2007

On Tuesday 17 July 2007 10:30, hitmuri@no-log.org wrote:
> > Nigel Henry wrote:
> >> On Monday 16 July 2007 22:25, Randy Winchester wrote:
> >>>> Well I was only trying to give a bit of help to the OP that wanted to
> >>>> install Tapeutape, and havn't experienced Lash before, but anyway,

> >>>> Looking though directly in the /etc/hosts file I see this.
> >>>>
> >>>> # Do not remove the following line, or various programs
> >>>> # that require network functionality will fail.
> >>>>  localhost.localdomain localhost
> >>>>
> >>>> ::1  localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
> >>>>
> >>>> So that appears ok.
> >>>>
> >>>> Nigel.
> >>>
> >>> Nigel,
> >>>
> >>> I seem to recall that it's the IPv6 line in /etc/hosts that causes
> >>> confusion with lash.  You might try commenting out the line
> >>>
> >>> ::1  localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
> >>>
> >>>   and rebooting.
> >>
> >> Yes. I was a bit suspicious about that line myself. At the the moment
> >> I'm
> >> booted up into FC5 on the same machine, and am downloading the deps for
> >> Tapeutape. Saying this, they're done, and installing, but I'll forego
> >> building Tapeutape on FC5, and reboot F7, and comment out that line.
> >>
> >> Lets see how it goes.
> >>
> >> Nigel.

> > well,
> >
> > managed to make those changes to etc/hosts and etc/services and I am no
> > longer getting any error messages. Tranches and Tapeutape both load
> > okay, but neither seem to be connecting to jack, or at least, qjackctl
> > with any i/o options.
> >
> > Will investigate further. i imagine I will need to get my feet wet in
> > lash before it gets any useful.

> Hi everyone,
> sorry i wasn't there this week-end.
> Glad you found the solution for the LASH problem.
> For the jack problem, did you open a file ? Without any file opened, both
> tranches and tapeutape don't create any audio ports, because you can
> define the number of IO ports in the .tra and .tap files. Try with the
> command : "tapeutape example.tap" or "Open file" from the menu.
> Look in the example files for more explanations. I know that xml files are
> not exactly "user-friendly" and that's why the upcoming versions will have
> gui's to tweak the options and create the instruments.
> New versions (more features  and a lot of bug fixes ) should be released
> in september.
> Hope this helps ;)
> Regards
> Florent

I havn't played with Lash before, and didn't realise that you had to start the 
lash daemon with "lashd" before you launched Tapeutape. Anyway this is what I 
get now when running lashd.

$ lashd
JACK tmpdir identified as [/dev/shm]
No supported SIMD instruction sets detected
Connected to JACK server with client name 'LASH_Server'
Opened ALSA sequencer with client ID 129
Listening for connections

Then I launch Tapeutape (GUI) from the desktop launcher, and this output is 

Created project project-1 in directory /home/djmons/audio-projects/project-1
Added client 1a905438-814c-4a6a-b203-5662f7c25dca of class Tapeutape to 
project project-1
Client 1a905438-814c-4a6a-b203-5662f7c25dca set its name to 'Tapeutape'

Now, using the menu, I navigate to example.tap, and get the following output.

Well. No more output showing in Konsole, but Messages on the GUI says.

Loading /home/djmons/Downloads/Tapeutape/tapeutape-0.0.5/example.tap
Loading Samples
Problem loading sample ./son1.flac

The GUI shows a split screen with setup1, and setup2. Setup1 shows kit1, and 
setup2 shows kit2, with kit1 below it.

Looking in Qjackctl's "Connect" there is nothing showing.

I only got into this to help the OP out with a guide to installing Tapeutape, 
but am now feeling involved in seeing it working.

A question:

What does this line mean when I started lashd?
No supported SIMD instruction sets detected