[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Audio interface for laptop on FC5/CCRMA system

Jonathan Segel jsegel@magneticmotorworks.com
Thu Jan 4 16:45:03 2007

On Jan 4, 2007, at 12:00 PM, planetccrma-request@ccrma.Stanford.EDU  

> Is anyone using an audio interface on FC5/CCRMA that works with a  
> laptop?

i use two on a regular basis, both work easily and well on fc5, using  
a sharp p3 laptop.
one is the cardbus/rme multiface. it's incredible. i've been using it  
for several years now (from redhat 9 to fc 6) and it serves as the  
mixer for everythign as well as an interface.
the other is a cardbus echo indigoIO, it's a simple mini-plug in and  
out but is 24/48. also very easy with current alsa etc.
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