[PlanetCCRMA] PlanetCCRMA *not* in the press

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Aug 8 10:18:02 2007

On Wed, 8 Aug 2007, Nicholas Manojlovic wrote:
> When F7 came out, they annoced respins.org - a place to share your own spins
> of Fedora.
> Fernando, where does the distro stand in terms of using
> trade-marks/copyright material from stanford? In theory, is it legal to
> distribute our own ccrma on such a website as a stand-alone?

[sorry for the delay, I'll follow the complete thread later... I'm 
teaching a workshop in Guanajuato, Mexico, so very busy...]

Actually I created a Planet CCRMA "distro" for Fedora 4 (ie: a one DVD 
install of the whole thing).

What is needed is to replace the packages that hold the "marks" (copyright 
marks) of Fedora so that the new distro does not use all the copyrighted 
images that point to Fedora. It is not difficult, just a lot of work that 
I did not repeat for fc > 4 (yet). Once you do that it becomes completely 
legal to redistribute a spin-off distro - but of course you can't call it 
Fedora as it is not Fedora any longer.

Today it would be much easier as there are now tools that would do most of 
the stuff that I had to do "by hand" when I created the Planet CCRMA 4 

It is in my plans to do it, I just have to get the time. In the meanwhile 
we still have the "non-distro" Planet CCRMA we can install (which is also 
the case as was pointed out in Ubuntu Studio and JackLab).

-- Fernando

> On 8/8/07, Edward Lilley <ejlilley@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Jeff Sandys wrote:
>>> My two cents: European magazine, European distributions.
>>> When I started the choice was PlanetCCRMA or Agnula.
>>> Now Agnula is dead, long live PlanetCCRMA.
>>> I installed UbuntuStudio on my wife's computer after the
>>> experience I had building an Ubuntu computer for my inlaws.
>>> Now my wife can help her parents with their computer, and
>>> she might do some scoring for her string quartet.
>>> And I like the Pure:Dyne live CD (Dynabolic).  One of their
>>> packages is Fluxus, a mashup of PLT Scheme with OpenGL,
>>> ODE free body dynamics and OSC sound.  I need to recompile
>>> PLT Scheme with some different options to get Fluxus to work
>>> in Fedora/PlanetCCRMA.  I have Pure:Dyne docked/nested
>>> on my laptop.
>>> I think the improvements in the Fedora build process will help
>>> make PlanetCCRMA a stronger contender in the future, with
>>> the ability to make a live CD/DVD and directly install with ease.
>>> -- Jeff Sandys
>>> Stephan Neuhaus-2 wrote:
>>>> ...
>>>> Spiegel Online, one of Germany's most-read online magazines,
>>>> ...
>>>> "Linux users have the choice between at least five current
>>>> distributions geared specially processing audio:
>>>> 64 Studio, Dynabolic, Jacklab, Musix, and Ubuntu Studio."
>>>> ...
>>>> There is no mention of PlanetCCRMA in the article.
>>>> ...
>> I think a live-CD would be a really good idea for PlanetCCRMA (or even
>> just a stand-alone distro). Perhaps the magazine's criteria for
>> "distribution" meant stand-alone. However, even though planetCCRMA
>> arguably is no less a distro in its own right than UbuntuStudio (which,
>> seeing as it uses _only_ Ubuntu packages is probably less of a distro
>> than planetCCRMA), I think a stand-alone liveCD/installation DVD would
>> be a great way forwards (or sideways).
>> Also, replying to the comment about "academic" music packages, I assume
>> by academic you mean slightly older midi sequencers with more
>> sophisticated programming tools, not WYSIWYG classical music notation
>> applications (which is what I prefer) :-)        .
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