[PlanetCCRMA] PlanetCCRMA *not* in the press

Edward Lilley ejlilley@gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 17:07:00 2007

Jeff Sandys wrote:
> My two cents: European magazine, European distributions.
> When I started the choice was PlanetCCRMA or Agnula.
> Now Agnula is dead, long live PlanetCCRMA.
> I installed UbuntuStudio on my wife's computer after the 
> experience I had building an Ubuntu computer for my inlaws.  
> Now my wife can help her parents with their computer, and 
> she might do some scoring for her string quartet.
> And I like the Pure:Dyne live CD (Dynabolic).  One of their 
> packages is Fluxus, a mashup of PLT Scheme with OpenGL, 
> ODE free body dynamics and OSC sound.  I need to recompile 
> PLT Scheme with some different options to get Fluxus to work 
> in Fedora/PlanetCCRMA.  I have Pure:Dyne docked/nested 
> on my laptop.
> I think the improvements in the Fedora build process will help 
> make PlanetCCRMA a stronger contender in the future, with 
> the ability to make a live CD/DVD and directly install with ease.
> -- Jeff Sandys
> Stephan Neuhaus-2 wrote:
>> ...
>> Spiegel Online, one of Germany's most-read online magazines, 
>> ...
>> "Linux users have the choice between at least five current 
>> distributions geared specially processing audio: 
>> 64 Studio, Dynabolic, Jacklab, Musix, and Ubuntu Studio." 
>> ...
>> There is no mention of PlanetCCRMA in the article.  
>> ...
I think a live-CD would be a really good idea for PlanetCCRMA (or even 
just a stand-alone distro). Perhaps the magazine's criteria for 
"distribution" meant stand-alone. However, even though planetCCRMA 
arguably is no less a distro in its own right than UbuntuStudio (which, 
seeing as it uses _only_ Ubuntu packages is probably less of a distro 
than planetCCRMA), I think a stand-alone liveCD/installation DVD would 
be a great way forwards (or sideways).

Also, replying to the comment about "academic" music packages, I assume 
by academic you mean slightly older midi sequencers with more 
sophisticated programming tools, not WYSIWYG classical music notation 
applications (which is what I prefer) :-)        .