[PlanetCCRMA] FC5 app problems

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Jun 23 15:43:01 2006

On Fri, 2006-06-23 at 23:07 +0100, BJaY wrote:
> >
> > Just to verify the URL for the rpm of the 1.4.4-2 version :
> >
> http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/mirror/fedora/linux/planetccrma/5/i386
> > /jack-rack-1.4.4-2.rhfc5.ccrma.i386.rpm
> >
> > sha1sum jack-rack-1.4.4-2.rhfc5.ccrma.i386.rpm
> > 947d1084f5f14e7f3d0da9a85e42a704f9cc30ff
> > jack-rack-1.4.4-2.rhfc5.ccrma.i386.rpm
> />
> /> Sorry to be such a pain but I really need to understand this.
> /No, no problem, you are not alone, I also want to know what's going on!
> /I think I got it, sorry I was also confused about fc4 vs fc5. I'm
> /getting the same behavior you see in 1.4.4-2 in fc5 (ie: no save/load,
> /no "about" box, etc).
> /It looks like this was a build problem in 1.4.4 only on fc5. I can see a
> /couple of problems (now that I'm looking for them) in the build log for
> /the package and they seem to affect things related to what we see, for
> /example, gnome_about_new (which I presume would be used to show the
> /"About" information). So most probably it was a problem of dependencies
> /being wrong, or improper headers, or something like that, and,
> /apparently that was fixed in 1.4.5rc1.
> I'm not sure, I use a script to specify a rack to load on start up and this
> did'nt work either. 1.4.4 should have this functionality acording to the
> jack-rack site. It doesn't work and it's not listed as an option when I
> jack-rack -h. 

Yes, that is to be expected. Maybe I was not clear, the build was
incomplete, some of the features of 1.4.4 on fc5 at Planet CCRMA do not
work (and I'm not going to fix it given that there's a newer version
that apparently works fine)

> It is, however, listed as an option when I do the same thing
> with 1.4.5 (and it loads the rack). rc1 is clearly better and I'll use it
> but with the wierd qsynth behaviour as well

You say you can't save Qsynth settings. I'm trying this in fc5 and it
seems to be working:

I start qsynth which already had one fluidsynth instance defined, I
added another one - no soundfont loaded because I don't have a small one
and two instances of the big one will not fit in memory, then changed
some settings in the second instance, then quit qsynth, then started it
again and both instances came up with their proper settings.

Could you send an exact description of what you do and when it fails?

-- Fernando