[PlanetCCRMA] FC5, fxload, usx2yloader

Jason Ronallo jronallo@gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 14:37:02 2006

I recently upgraded to FC5 and the planet, but my Tascam US-122 didn't
load up the firmware properly.  From what I can tell it has something
to do with the change from hotplug to udev.  Also there was no fxload
file so I took an old rpm (of hotplug, I think) and just took the
fxload file out.

I used lsusb to find out where the usb device was and invoked fxload
manually in a terminal.
/sbin/fxload -s /usr/share/alsa/firmware/usx2yloader/tascam_loader.ihx
-I /usr/share/alsa/firmware/usx2yloader/us122fw.ihx -D
Then ran usx2yloader manually and the usb light on the unit came up.

This fix is a little cumbersome each time I want to use this device.
Anyone know if this issue is being worked on?  Anyone have an idea on
a more elegant solution in the meantime?