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Brian Heinrich manager@ckxu.com
Wed Jun 21 20:24:04 2006

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I manage a small community-based campus radio station, CKXU 88.3 FM, in 
Lethbridge, AB.

For reasons that don't bear going into, we've been trying to convert 
from an M$ shop to a 'N*x shop.  Right now, the only two things that are 
running 'Doze are our SHOUTcast server and our production box; the 
former will be converted to 'N*x by the end of summer and we're 
currently trying to move production away from Windows by putting 
together a dual-boot box that will allow people doing production to get 
familiar with the new environment before moving over entirely.

Because we're running a pirated version of Windows -- and because I'd 
rather keep good relations with IT -- , I'd originally hoped to keep the 
machine off-line, but it's increasingly looking like that's not going to 
be possible, because of some problems I've encountered in trying to go 
the FC 3/CCRMA route.  Not being able to get stuff to install, for 
instance.  (There was a problem with ALSA and a further problem with the 
third-party drivers for the sound card.)  That I haven't been able to 
get any sound hasn't been particularly helpful either.

Our set-up consists of a 1.4 GHz P-IV with 768 MB of PC133 RAM, a 300 GB 
Seagate IDE drive, and an M-Audio Delta 1010LT sound card.  Although the 
1010LT lacks balanced outputs, it does have two balanced inputs that are 
mic/line switchable and don't require a separate mic pre.

Output is currently to a Sherwood receiver -- I did mention that we're a 
cash-strapped campus station, right? -- , which is driving a pair of 
Epos ELS3s.  (The current plan is to replace the receiver with a 
Behringer A500 power amp by the end of summer.)

With a bit of finagling, I might be able to get the box on the 
University's network, so moving to FC 4 or 5 and doing on-line up-dates 
becomes feasible; so:

   1. for ease of set-up, use, and maintenance, would it make more sense
      to install FC 4 or FC 5?
   2. how on earth do I get sound?

As to the second question, I did read in the archives about disabling 
on-board sound in the BIOS and rebooting, which I did.  After rebooting, 
I ran kudzu to get rid of the on-board VIA chipset.  I then tried to run 
alsamixer from a term, but there was something (which I neglected to 
note) that wasn't present, and so it wouldn't run.

Any help you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.


Brian Heinrich <manager@ckxu.com>  *  Station Manager  *  CKXU 88.3 FM
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Showcasing, enhancing, and promoting southern Alberta's diversity.

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