[PlanetCCRMA] yum not choosing CCRMA packages

Hector Centeno-Garcia h.centeno@sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 18 17:55:02 2006

In a fresh install of FC5 I configured everything as stated in the CCRMA 
web page. I was able to install the kernels but when trying to install 
audio applications I found that yum is trying to install packages from 
the extras repository instead of the CCRMA, for example trying to 
install ardour I get this:

 ardour                  i386       0.99.3-2.rhfc5.ccrma  
planetccrma       2.7 M
Installing for dependencies:
 jack-audio-connection-kit  i386       0.101.1-9.fc5    
extras            127 k
 liblrdf                 i386       0.4.0-7.fc5      extras             26 k
 libsamplerate           i386       0.1.2-4.fc5      extras            153 k
 libsndfile              i386       1.0.15-1.fc5     extras            225 k
 raptor                  i386       1.4.9-2.fc5      extras            174 k

I commented "pkgpolicy'' in the /etc/yum.conf file since the beginning. 
Is this a normal behavior? Should I go ahead and let yum install the 
packages from extras?

Thank you!