[PlanetCCRMA] Overruns using arecord on the 2.6.9-2.3.rdt kernel on FC3...

Eric Weaver weav@sigma.net
Wed Jan 11 22:24:01 2006

I am using "arecord" to capture stuff on the 2.6.9-2.3 rdt kernel.  I 
set arecord's scheduling to SCHEDULE_FIFO / 98.  Still get overruns and 
audible skips.

Just now tried decreasing the period size to 1/3 the buffer size, from 
the standard 1/2 to see if that improves anything.

I've tried 2.6.12 rdt but can't get alsa and/or the AudioScience asihpi 
driver to work on it.

Anything I'm overlooking?   Thanks...