[PlanetCCRMA] So what Good Synths and Plugins are you using?

Luc Tanguay lucus@sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 17 07:14:01 2006

Take a look at zynaddsubfx, a marvelous synth on the Planet.

>On 2/16/06, Benjamin Hardy <drycellbattery@yahoo.ca> wrote:
>>hmm... I guess no one is responding to my dreary email ;)
>> Anyways, Windows is annoying so I'm going to be going ahead with a dual
>>boot system so I can at least use Linux and KDE for most of my computer
>>work, though I'm still wondering if I should give CCRMA another go. I like
>>that Dave S. has put some effort into a quick guide to setting up a Planet
>>CCRMA install. Well that's the part I get already but I hope it helps the
>> So I'm wondering now what alot of you Planet CCRMA users use for synths and
>>plugins and what kind of sounds and music you're making with them. I heard