[PlanetCCRMA] So what Good Synths and Plugins are you using?

David Slimp rock808@gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 21:48:01 2006

Glad you liked my quick tutorial on FC4 and CCRMA.
I'm hoping it DOES help get more newbies started easily.

I would have answered your synth/plugin question, but
I've only been using this software for 3 weeks now, so
those are the same questions I'd have! :)
So far I've just been trying various ones out. And reading
LOTS of old posts.   It seems some of the more popular
ones are the TAP plugins, as well as freeverb/gverb,
SC4.... others escape me at the moment.  Today I found
the Quantizer plugin, and got an interesting grungy sound
for my guitar.  I'd say take 2 or 3 days and just go down the
list playing with several, unless you have a specific sound
you want, then post a question asking for THAT specifically.

Going with FC4 and CCRMA has my full endorsement these days,
so I'd say it's well worth another go to escape M$ Winblows.

I didn't fully understand what you were looking for in the 808-like
drummachine.... but I really like hydrogen for drums.  There are
about a dozen fairly easy to get drum kits, which include 2 808 sets
and at least 1 909 set, as well as other electronica sets. hydrogen
does use sampled wav files for the audio, and you can also
add/change/layer the samples for each instrument.  They have
an online forum at their site as well.  You might ask more questions
over there, but it can probably do what you're looking for.

I don't know anything about midi automation, sorry.


On 2/16/06, Benjamin Hardy <drycellbattery@yahoo.ca> wrote:
> hmm... I guess no one is responding to my dreary email ;)
>  Anyways, Windows is annoying so I'm going to be going ahead with a dual
> boot system so I can at least use Linux and KDE for most of my computer
> work, though I'm still wondering if I should give CCRMA another go. I like
> that Dave S. has put some effort into a quick guide to setting up a Planet
> CCRMA install. Well that's the part I get already but I hope it helps the
> newcomers.
>  So I'm wondering now what alot of you Planet CCRMA users use for synths and
> plugins and what kind of sounds and music you're making with them. I heard
> Carlos' song and I liked the synth pads he had in there. I'm surrounded by
> Macs and expensive software at my school, and well... they're so shiny!
> Hell, if they had a plugin that resembled jingling keys I'd be distracted
> for hours with that. Coming to Linux, alot of the sofware is very
> utilitarian and sometimes outright unintuitive. There are exceptions, like
> Rosegarden and Hydrogen that a! re elegant and very useful. I looked at the
> changelog for the new Rosegarden 1.2.x release and am impressed with the
> development of that project. Is there any drum synth similar to  a TB-808*
> (not samples but models analog synthesis for drum sounds). I want to give
> alsamodularsynth a whirl but it hasn't been developed in awhile. I still
> want to leave my questions about automation and using a midi controller open
> from my last email. I look forward to your responses.
>  *TB-808 is a registered trademark of the Roland Corporation, blah blah blah
> ;)
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David Slimp

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 On open platforms, you'll run into 'you have to learn more to do that.' "
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