[PlanetCCRMA] So what Good Synths and Plugins are you using?

Paul Coccoli pcoccoli@gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 06:43:01 2006

On 2/16/06, Benjamin Hardy <drycellbattery@yahoo.ca> wrote:
> hmm... I guess no one is responding to my dreary email ;)

It was the subject line that put me off.  It's good thing I didn't
respond; it would have been a very negative response.

>  Anyways, Windows is annoying so I'm going to be going ahead with a dual
> boot system so I can at least use Linux and KDE for most of my computer
> work, though I'm still wondering if I should give CCRMA another go. I like
> that Dave S. has put some effort into a quick guide to setting up a Planet
> CCRMA install. Well that's the part I get already but I hope it helps the
> newcomers.

I think planet CCRMA is the best thing since sliced bread.  It works
so well that I still run RH9.

>  So I'm wondering now what alot of you Planet CCRMA users use for synths and
> plugins and what kind of sounds and music you're making with them. I heard
> Carlos' song and I liked the synth pads he had in there. I'm surrounded by
> Macs and expensive software at my school, and well... they're so shiny!
> Hell, if they had a plugin that resembled jingling keys I'd be distracted
> for hours with that. Coming to Linux, alot of the sofware is very
> utilitarian and sometimes outright unintuitive. There are exceptions, like
> Rosegarden and Hydrogen that a! re elegant and very useful. I looked at the
> changelog for the new Rosegarden 1.2.x release and am impressed with the
> development of that project. Is there any drum synth similar to  a TB-808*
> (not samples but models analog synthesis for drum sounds). I want to give
> alsamodularsynth a whirl but it hasn't been developed in awhile. I still
> want to leave my questions about automation and using a midi controller open
> from my last email. I look forward to your responses.

I want to try Om [http://www.nongnu.org/om-synth/] but haven't gotten
around to it yet (probably need to upgrade to FC 3 or 4 first). 
Another interesting looking synth (DSSI plugin, more specifically) is
WhySynth [http://home.jps.net/~musound/whysynth.html].  Haven't tried
that yet either.

Smack [http://smack.berlios.de/] does TR-808 drums and is 100% sample
free (it uses Om).

I don't think any of these apps are in planet CCRMA yet.

>  *TB-808 is a registered trademark of the Roland Corporation, blah blah blah
> ;)

Actually, I don't think it is!

So does anyone run the above synths on a planet CCRMA box?  What OS version?