[PlanetCCRMA] fc4 journaling

David Slimp rock808@gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 20:53:03 2006

I've heard bad things about journaling filesystems and audio.
Some others on the list might know better than I do, but
having to keep up with the journal on top of writing the normal
data is obviously going to slow you down. Personally, I'd
recommend using tune2fs and switing back to non-journaling
ext2 filesystem.

I don't care much for GUIs .... the menus are always different,
and sometimes are missing things (as you've found), things get
moved around from version to version, or get "updated" to a
different interface you have to RE-learn !
I keep an icon on the desktop which opens up a command terminal.
>From there switch user to root:
    su -
then shutdown with this command:
    init 0

Maybe someone else knows the GUI method.... until they go change
it on you again. ;)


On 2/16/06, Jonathan Segel <jsegel@magneticmotorworks.com> wrote:
> i have two partitions on my laptop, the solid fc3 planet ccrma that
> i've been using for a while and one that's a tester, been keeping up
> with fc4 lately.
> a couple things are preventing me from using the fc4 as default. the
> main one is that there seems to be some sort of mega-journaling going
> on, where the disk clunks a write every few seconds. i mean, perhaps
> its journaling, but honestly, it's loud enough to hear it. that
> combined with the fact that it seems to result in a periodic set of
> xruns in jack (when running) kind of dissuades me from using it. what
> is going on differently in the small-period system or disk tasks?
> second (slightly annoying thing) is the simple fact that a log out of
> gnome give me no option to restart or shut down, so i always have to
> go that extra step back to terminal (i boot init 3) and sudo poweroff.