[PlanetCCRMA] hardware question - USB and Firewire

Mark Knecht markknecht@gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 20:46:00 2006

On 2/13/06, Roy Vestal <rvestal@trilug.org> wrote:
> What about the Firewire products out there?

The only reputable Firewire audio support in Linux is the FreeBob
project. It supports only devices based on the BridgeCo chipset. Check
the FreeBob web page for a list of devices and current levels of

NOTE: If you are running a PlanetCCRMA box (and why wouldn't you be
since you wrote to this list) then FreeBob support may be slightly
more difficult since it currently requires a customized version of
Jack. Note that this may change fairly soon as they are just now
trying to get their work integrated into the main Jack release, but
it's not in yet.