[PlanetCCRMA] CCRMA-FC5 isos?

Peter Baumgartner peter@bssmusic.de
Wed Aug 9 05:35:02 2006

Hi @ all,
2nd trial (1st seems to be gone to /dev/null):

I tried to upgrade my studio machine to FC5. Installation went without 
problems, but at reboot it hangs up completely at "starting udev...". 
Hardware is a Compaq EVO 6000 (dual xeon 2,2). On a AMD64 in the office 
it runs, so the DVD seems to be OK - and no, I did not try to install 
the 64-bit version on the i386 ;-)).
Is there already a DVD-iso of FC5-CCRMA available on the main site or a 
Download of big files is no problem.
Thanks for hints