[PlanetCCRMA] Menus on FC3

carlosfigueiredo@clix.pt carlosfigueiredo@clix.pt
Mon Mar 28 14:54:25 2005

>What do you mean by menus changing or dissapearing? I don't see that
>happening in my tests, I guess the only way for that to happen would be
>to add or erase packages (that have menu entries). Any examples you can
>remember? On which environment? (gnome, kde, etc).

Well I'm using KDE. I right click on the menu and edit the entries. For example to launch something jack enabled, or to launch something like tuneit (nice app, you might want to check it), or jack_snaphot wich do not have menu entries. And sometimes these entries are deleted (strange things also happen when I drag and drop menu entries in KDE).