[PlanetCCRMA] Need a little help recording pd sounds

Bradley S. Campbell bsc3j@virginia.edu
Tue Mar 22 18:21:01 2005

Hello all,

I'm trying to record sounds I create with pd to a .wav file.  I have 
JACK running via qjackctl and then I start pd and connect it to the 
alsa_pcm capture ports in the "Connections" dialog of qjackctl.  I start 
arecord from the command line, usually with something like:

"$ arecord -t wav -f dat -d 10 -D hw:0,0 pdsound.wav"

I get no file in my home directory after doing this, regardless of 
whether pd's running or not -- I think it may be sympomatic of a bigger 
thing that I'm doing wrong -- any thoughts??